The Camera Confidence Crash Course

The Camera Confidence Crash Course

Know you should be creating videos to grow your business and personal brand but can't seem to get started?

"I don't look good enough" "I sound terrible" "I don't know what to say" "People will judge me" "I don't know where to start" "It's too late" "I'm too old" ... If any of those stories (aka lies) resonate with you, I'm so glad you found me.

I believe everyone is capable of creating fantastic, engaging videos and that the number 1 thing standing in your way is YOU.

That is exactly is why I created this course – to give you all of the resources, advice, and yes, tough love, to break through those mental blocks and finally get comfortable - and confident! - in front of the camera. 

We'll break down those stories you're telling yourself about why you shouldn't be on camera, run through the basics of how to present like a pro (from lighting and backdrop to wardrobe and makeup right through to staying calm and sounding natural) and I'll even give you a copy of my own script template that doesn't require ANY memorisation so you can start making videos with confidence TODAY.


A background as a professional actor/presenter and makeup artist as well as experience creating over 500 YouTube and course videos means Kat understands what goes on both in front and behind the camera and exactly how tough it can be to find your happy place when talking to camera. But thankfully for you, all of these years of finessing the process means she’s able to give you the secrets and strategies you need to get confident in a fraction of the time it took her.

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