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Content Strategy Masterclass

Content Strategy Masterclass

Hands up if content creation or social media has ever given you a headache...


Keep it up if it's ever caused anxiety, crippling self-doubt or analysis by paralysis...


Aaand keep it there if you've ever wondered what to post or if what you're posting is actually the "right" thing to post.

If your hand's still up (and you're still reading), then my friend, I'm glad you found me.

I've done the whole content strategy spiral before and I do NOT have time for that anymore. And I'm bettimg you don't either.

I created this masterclass for one reason: So you can stop wasting time and energy freaking out about your content strategy and instead pour it all in to creating content that ticks all of the boxes.

From understanding the psychology of why we need to create content right through to designing your own workflow, this masterclass has it all.

Here's a breakdown of how it all fits together...

PART 1: Foundations

Learn about the 5 stages of customer awareness, the traffic trap vs the promo trap and finally understand what that 'sweet spot' looks like. You know... where your audience loves everything you create but it leads to actual sales (and not just "likes")

PART 2: Ideas

Never get stuck for ideas ever again as I give you 10 ways to "mine" the internet for content, unlock your very own Content Ideas Bank to save your own story ideas, and make sure you keep a balanced ratio across the 4 categories of stories you should be sharing.

PART 3: Scheduling

Now we get down to business as we map out your year, quarter, month and week, ensuring every piece of content goes out at the right time, priming your audience for launches and promotions (while repurposing as much existing content as possible to save time!)

PART 4: Workflow

And finally, we talk tech as I introduce you to my own content workflow and all of my favourite tools and apps for planning, creating and scheduling content (most of them can be used for free!)


As well as a workbook to guide you through the masterclass, you'll get a ton of behind the scenes videos to do a deeper dive into content mining, project management, and even a complete breakdown of how to turn 1 piece of content into 10.

Psst if you want a quick behind the scenes tour, click "View this module" under the START HERE section!

But don't just take my word for it...


"My head has just blown up! I finished watching Content Strategy Masterclass videos and ohmygosh... Amazing and incredible helpful amount of knowledge! I have 8 pages of notes and a lot to rethink. I love HERO/HELPER/HELLO classification. I'll focus on this first. The Trello Content Ideas Bank rocks!"

– Paulina [UX/UI Designer]

"Kat, I wanna say that you're seriously mind-blowing. I am so happy with the masterclass. It's like I got a gift for my birthday (which was on Friday!) and it was the best gift I could have been given. It's such a roadmap. And such a plan. And SO thorough. It's the perfect tool (set of tools -- it's a lot of content!) to help me start strong... so thank you, thank you, thank you so much!"

– Maria [Transition Coach]

So whaddya say... Ready to create killer, needle-moving content (and actually have fun while doing it)?

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