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If you're someone who knows you're still playing a small game and need help to get the confidence to show up on camera, to build a powerful personal brand and to grow your biz, side-hustle or creative career so you can live your dream life -- you're in the right place.

The VIP Hub is FULL (seriously -- it's overflowing!) of resources that will help you find clarity around who you're serving, how you can play a bigger game and who you need to be to achieve all you dreams. There are workbooks, cheatsheets, checklists, mini courses and more. Plus each month you'll find a new freebie waiting for you AND you can take part in regular challenges.

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1 Lessons

In the words of Maria VonTrapp, we'll start at the very beginniiing... it's a very good place to staaart! 🎵 But really, if you're serious about building a personal brand, you've got to start by laying the foundations. I'm going to teach you my own personal branding framework so you can get more focused and intentional than ever before.


5 Lessons

In my experience, the number 1 reason more people aren't using video to grow their businesses and personal brands is a lack of confidence. "I look terrible", "I'll sound stupid", "I don't know what to say", "people will judge me!" ... the list goes on. I for one don't want you keeping your genius from the world any longer, so I'm here to give you some really practical tips on how to look, sound and act your best on camera while feeling more relaxed and natural.


5 Lessons

In my humble opinion, video is THE MOST POWERFUL tool we have to turn total strangers into superfans. When used correctly, we can attract new followers, build trust with them by teaching and sharing our expertise, earn their respect by sharing case studies and testimonials, and have them fall in love with our personalities before they even meet us. I'm going to lay some important foundations for you in this mini-course, from getting set up with the right gear and lighting, writing a great script and starting to brainstorm ways to use video that feels right for you.


10 Lessons

As someone who spends a ton of time on camera, on stage and at networking events, I can attest to the fact that makeup is not only incredible for giving you the confidence to get outside your comfort zone, but can also help you look more professional and on-brand. In this mini-course, I'm going to give you some tools to avoid cakey makeup mistakes, get faster at doing your makeup AND create a signature makeup look that makes you feel amazing.


4 Lessons

Personal brand shoots and headshot shoots are a hefty investment so you want to make sure you get your money's worth. After years of trial and error in my own brand shoots, I've figured out a process to planning your shoot, communicating with your photographer AND feeling great on the day so the photos truly capture your personality and brand message while making you feel like a million bucks.


4 Lessons

As a professional actor, I know how hard it can be to figure out what in the world to do in order to try and stand out from the competition. In this mini-course, I'm going to lay some foundations so you can start thinking about your "actor brand" (aka the roles you were born to play) as well as teaching you some marketing fundamentals so you can whip your online presence into shape in no time.